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This is the blog where I will post my art.
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How long has it been since I last put something up here?  I don’t even know, too long.  Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a MegaTokyo binge this last week, so here’s a sketch of a sad/cold looking girl that turned into a full blown project last night.
I can’t promise that I’ll start posting on here with any sort of regularity, but I’ll try to get more things up than I have been.  If you’re wondering WHY I’ve not been posting, I’ve been spending most of my drawing time working on the webcomic that my friend and I are writing, Love Apocalypse (
And finally, my final for the class was a self portrait, done in pen and ink with ink wash tone.
For the last project before the final we were to make a cubism drawing.  This is done with pen, graphite pencil, colored pencil, white out, and collage.
This landscape was drawn using mostly graphite pencil, with a bit of compressed charcoal and white charcoal pencil on light toned paper.  Note this was the drawing pictured a while back, the one in the art show.
This still-life was done with charcoal and compressed charcoal.
This drawing of a glass was done with compressed charcoal and white charcoal pencil on gray toned paper.  It was completed on 2013-03-13
This drawing is of drapery, and was completed on 2013-03-06.  It was drawn using vine and compressed charcoal.

Mark me a liar if you wish, for I feel little better than one. It was over a month ago that I promised that I would post pictures that I drew during my art class, and still I have done no such thing.  But no more, starting on the  Monday of the 22nd, and lasting nearly the whole week I will be posting the six best things that I drew in class.  I hope that you will be able to enjoy them, belated as they are.

Title: David Bowie on a Dolphin
Date: Sometime February 2013
Notes:  I did this by request of a friend, and while it made it onto my main blog, it somehow failed to end up here.
Title: Doodle Doodle Time 4
Date: Sometime March 2013
Notes: My fountain pen stopped working, so I spent an hour or so trying to get it to flow properly again.